Le dialogue social européen: Histoire d'une innovation sociale (1985-2003), by the EESC's Workers' Group

On 7 December 2017, the Workers' Group is organising a presentation of the book Le dialogue social européen: Histoire d'une innovation sociale (1985-2003) [European social dialogue: history of a social innovation (1985-2003)]

The book explores the history of European social dialogue from its genesis to its independence. This exploration is achieved through documentation as well as interviews with various leading participants who conceived, took part in and developed European social dialogue – trade unionists, employers and European figures. It is not a peaceful history and contains a certain amount of conflict and failure. But it also possesses a strong, deeply rooted European philosophy. It understands what can bring tangible benefits for citizens. And it is one of the best ways to achieve European fundamental values: social progress and solidarity, cohesion and democracy, resilient development.

The presentation by author Jean Lapeyre, former ETUC deputy secretary-general, will be followed by a debate with numerous national trade union leaders. Contributions are expected by Gabriele Bischoff, President of the EESC Workers' Group, Cándido Méndez, former secretary-general of the UGT and former ETUC president, Luc Triangle, industriAll secretary-general, Marie-Hélène Ska, CSC secretary-general, Peter Scherrer, ETUC deputy secretary-general, and many others. The idea is to look together at the past in order to better reflect on the future of social dialogue and collective bargaining. (mg)