EESC urges EC to strengthen Europe's economic foundations and social dimension

In his speech at the EESC's October plenary session,  European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans thanked EESC members for their contribution to the Commission's 2018 Work Programme, which was presented in July 2017. He stressed that the EESC's contribution had had an impact on the programme.

"We are pleased that you have involved us in the decision-making process but we will be even happier if you involve us even more", commented Georges Dassis, President of the EESC.

Vice-President Timmermans pointed out that even though the economic climate in Europe had improved, many people were still dissatisfied. The reasons for this were the increasing disparities within European society. "The only way I believe that we can, with reason and not just by symbolic gestures, fulfil the promise of convergence, the only way I honestly believe we can portray the vision of a society where people regain control over their destinies individually and collectively, is if we tackle problems that are of a global nature together as Europeans on a European scale", said Mr Timmermans.

Gabriele Bischoff, President of the Workers' Group, welcomed the fact that the Commission had given prominence to the Social Pillar. Jacek Krawczyk, President of the Employers' Group, emphasised the need to focus on issues where EU action had an added value. Luca Jahier, President of the Various Interests Group, stressed the need to go further. (sg)