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European Green Deal

Opinions - Information Reports

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ECO Section

  • Taxation mechanics for reducing CO2 emissions
  • Enhancing sustainable economic growth across the EU

REX Section

  • EU and Africa: making an equal development partnership a reality based on sustainability and common values
  • Contribution of civil society to the Green Agenda and sustainable development of the Western Balkans as part of the EU accession process
  • A plan for a New Multilateral Matrix (NMM): proposed changes to ensure consistency between international trade, climate change and social rules and standards
  • Sustainable development in the Mediterranean region 

TEN Section

  • L’établissement du ciel unique européen comme condition clé (ou jalon) pour une économie plus efficace et plus verte
  • Between a trans-European super grid and local energy islands - the right mix of decentralised solutions and centralised structures for an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable energy transition?
  • Un accès universel à un logement décent, durable et abordable dans la durée

INT Section

  • Industrial Strategy
  • New Circular Economy Action Plan
  • No green deal without a social deal: sustainable companies as drivers for a successful 'just transition' - what legal rules are needed at EU level?
  • Carbon markets: emergence, structuring and challenges for European Industry
  • Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in the new business models
  • Towards circular procurement to provide high quality goods and services

NAT Section

  • 'From farm to fork': a sustainable food strategy
  • An integrated approach for EU's rural areas, with particular emphasis on the vulnerable regions
  • Compatibility of EU trade policy with the European Green Deal
  • Towards an EU strategy on sustainable consumption (SDO)
  • Towards structured youth engagement on climate and sustainability in the EU decision-making process 

SOC Section

  • Une vie de qualité pour tous les citoyens et dans toutes les régions – Une bonne gouvernance et de bons cadres juridiques pour le bien-être social, politique, culturel, économique et écologique
  • EU Competence Framework for Green Skills


  • Digital Mining in Europe: New solutions for the sustainable production of raw materials

Institutional Resources

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Trade Union & Civil Society Resources

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External Contributions

  • Green Deal : « Le modèle européen doit être protégé et partagé » [FR] - Article at, by EESC Member Christophe Quarez and CPP President Bertrand de Kermel - 23/02/2020

EU Minimum Wage 


Institutional Resources

  • Eurostat methodology information on minimum wages - Eurostat
  • Eurostat minimum wage statistics - country-specific recommendations - Eurostat
  • Labour market and wage developments in Europe: Annual Review 2016 - European Commission
  • Labour Market and Wage Developments in Europe – Annual Review 2017 - European Commission 
  • Labour market and wage developments in Europe: Annual Review 2019 - European Commission
  • First phase consultation of Social Partners under Article 154 TFEU on a possible action addressing the challenges related to fair minimum wages, 14.01.20 - European Commission
  • Special Eurobarometer 471: Fairness, inequality and intergenerational mobility, April 2018 - European Commission
  • Research note 2015: The interaction between minimum wages, income support, and poverty - European Commission 
  • ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, 21 June 2019 - ILO 
  • ILO International labour standard instruments on wages - ILO 
  • World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2019 - ILO 
  • ILO Minimum Wage Policy Guide - ILO
  • Minimum Wage - does it cut poverty? - ILO Labour Education Journal 
  • Minimum Wages in 2019: Annual Review - Eurofound
  • Database of wages, working time and collective disputes, 2019 - Eurofound 
  • Concept and practice of a living wage, November 2018- Eurofound
  • Statutory Minimum Wages 2020 - Eurofound
  • Pay in Europe in the 21st Century - Eurofound
  • Changes to wage-setting mechanisms in the context of the crisis and the EU’s new economic governance regime - Eurofound 
  • Towards a European Minimum Wage Policy? Fair Wages and Social Europe - Thorsten Schulten, European Journal of Industrial Relations
  • The Minimum Wage: A motor for growth or a brake in the economy? - EPRS, European Parliament
  • The fight against poverty, social exclusion and discrimination - European Parliament 
  • Special Feature: The Tax Treatment of Minimum Wages - OECD
  • Minimum Wages, Minimum Labour Costs and the Tax Treatment of Low-Wage Employment - OECD
  • Issues note: The emergence of new forms of work and their implications for labour relations, February 2018 - OECD
  • Real Minimum Wages - OECD
  • Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations

Legal Background

Trade Union & Civil Society Resources

External Contributions

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