Trade, investment, social security and solidarity – focal points of 16th EU-China Round Table

Civil society's contribution enriches the multi-faceted partnership between the European Union and the People's Republic of China and results in better international relations, agreed the EESC president Luca Jahier and the vice-president of the Chinese Economic and Social Council, Yang Chongui, during the 16th Round Table meeting between their institutions. A joint statement released by the two counterparts following the 16th EU-China Round table meeting, which took place on 28-29 May in Varna, Bulgaria, summarises the main conclusions and recommendations of the meeting.

The EU-China Round Table has firmly established itself as one of the key bilateral events between the EU and China, which reflects the overall positive state and stability of those relations, said the EESC president, Luca Jahier, adding that as major economic, political and strategic partners, the EU and China had to continue to work together on an ever increasing number of issues.

The 16th Round Table meeting focused on issues related to social security and social solidarity mechanisms, and on trade and investment relations between the EU and China.

Back-to-back with the Round Table, a tripartite meeting on the EU-China Tourism Year 2018 was held jointly with the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Economic and Social Council. The year aims to promote lesser-known destinations, provide opportunities to increase economic cooperation and improve EU-China visa facilitation and air connectivity. (ia)