COP Exercice - Working Documents

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Model COP - Working Documents

While we often hear about the climate emergency and the devastating short- and long-term impacts of climate change, it often seems like it is an impossible puzzle to solve.

Your role will be to represent an influential stakeholder group in a climate change conference and work together with other groups to create a plan to limit global warming to safe levels of well below 2°C.

The groups represent real sectors and industries, whose activities and advocacy influence global warming:

1. Clean Tech

2. Conventional Energy Supply

3. Civil society groups, women and youth referred to as Climate Justice Hawks in this game.

4. Land, Agriculture, Forestry

5. Industry and Commerce

6. World Governments (Developed countries, emerging countries, developing countries)

     6A. Developed Nations

     6B. Developing Nations

     6C. Rapidly Emerging Nations


Start guide

Group 1: Clean Tech

Group 2: Conventional Energy Supply

Group 3: Climate Justice Hawks

Group 4: Land, Agriculture & Forestry

Group 5: Industry and Commerce

Group 6a: Developed Nations

Group 6b: Developing Nations

Group 6c: Rapidly Emerging Nations