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Questions to help pupils and teachers prepare for the debates in Brussels.


The European migration crisis: young Europeans’ views and ideas on how to better integrate migrants and refugees in our societies.

The European migrant and refugee crisis
  • What stories have you already heard about migration – both from the past and the present? What migration stories are there in your family?
  • What are the challenges and bene  ts facing Europe with the current migrant and refugee crisis?
  • Is the current migrant and refugee crisis temporary or a long-term one? What di  erence does that make?
  • How could this crisis a  ect the future of the European Union?
  • Closing borders is one reaction. Other places want to welcome everyone. What solutions are there? What would each of these situations lead to?
The role of the media and social networks
  • What is the role the media is playing in European society?  How does this impact?
  • What messages are the media giving about immigration?
  • What role could European media and social networks play a role in integrating migrants and refugees?
The role of young people
  •  What would you propose? How could we best:

    •  Spread information in society on the importance of successfully integrating migrants and refugees, and
    •  Help young migrants, refugees and us to integrate more successfully (into the schools, sports clubs, cultural centres, etc.,) in their host country?
  •  How could young people help other young people understand the crisis and keep an open mind on this issue?
  •  How could more attention be brought to non-discrimination and intercultural dialogue in young people’s education? Who would need to be involved and how?
Integrating migrants and refugees in our societies
  • Integration is a two-way process, entailing both rights and obligations. What are your proposals to make it easier?
  • In your view, what would be the basic rights host countries should o  er to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees?
  • What would you do to pro-actively help foreign pupils quickly integrate and feel comfortable in your school?  Create a plan and bring it with you. (ie: language courses, cultural activities, information services, legal assistance)
  • How could former migrants or refugees help in the integration process of new ones, including children of migrants? Are political rights – like the right to vote – necessary for integration?  How can national governments improve access to political decision making?
  •  What real story of integration have you personally witnessed?
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Working Document - YEYS 2016

Working Document - YEYS 2016