The way ahead for the EU Economy in 2024

In late November, the European Commission is expected to kick-off the annual cycle of economic policy coordination, including the publication of the new recommendations for the euro area for 2024. The EESC will contribute to the interinstitutional discussion with its opinion putting forward consideration from a civil society perspective. The discussion on the euro area economic policy recommendations for 2024 will be of particular importance in the difficult economic environment of low growth and high inflation, and at a time, when there is an increasing need for the EU to effectively address its common challenges. In this context, the EESC's ECO Section decided to organise a public debate on 18 December from 14:30-16:00 to discuss the way ahead for the EU economic policy.

Among others, the debate would examine what measures would be needed to protect against excessive negative effects of the current high-interest rate environment and how to protect the most vulnerable households and businesses, how to find the necessary public and private investments for financing common medium and long-term challenges, such as the green and digital transitions, how to ensure sufficient investment in R&D and productivity to safeguard Europe's competitiveness, how to reverse the trend of growing inequalities and ensure sufficient funding for important social priorities, such as education and housing, and, in general, how to reconcile the enormous investment needs with the need for fiscal consolidation under a new economic governance framework.

The debate is accessible via webstream. No registration is needed.

The speakers of the panel discussion are the following:

  • Nicolas Philiponnet, Deputy Head of Unit, policy coordination, DG ECFIN, European Commission
  • Eva-Maria Poptcheva, Vice-Chair, ECON Committee, European Parliament

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