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The CCMI conference on robotics is designed to highlight cutting edge developments in the field of robotics and more specifically to explore two main set of questions: "Robotics and Humans" and "The position of the EU robotics sector, industrial aspects".

Lessons to be drawn from the instrumentalisation of migrants and the war in Ukraine

The meeting of the EESC's Section for External Relations is dedicated to Migration, with a conference being organised in the context of its work on the Commission's Communication Responding to state-sponsored instrumentalisation of migrants at the EU external border (JOIN (2021) 32 final). The Communication responds to the situation that arose in 2021 on the border between Belarus and the EU, but the opinion will also consider the war in Ukraine and its consequences.




The Conference on the Future of Europe, finishing on the 9th of May, has brought together various interests and citizens from all across Europe, and produced important insights and recommendations particularly from Citizens, on the kind of Europe that they want.

The focus of this meeting is to follow up on those recommendations emerged from the Conference, having an interactive debate with various speakers and our members, as well as an open discussion on the next steps to make sure the recommendations are followed through.


The next meeting of the European Economic Area Consultative Committee's will held in Bergen (Norway) on 11 May 2022. Reports and resolutions are prepared on two subjects:

  • a) The social aspects of the Fit for 55 package
  • b) The challenges and opportunities of increased use of artificial intelligence in working life
30th meeting of the European Economic Area (EEA) Consultative Committee

At this 3rd meeting of the EU DAG set up under the TCA, members further discussed and assessed ongoing implementation issues. T


On Saturday 7 May, the EESC will celebrate Europe Day 2022 with a fully virtual event to commemorate the date of the historic Schuman declaration, considered to be the beginning of what is today's European Union.

It is a chance for reflection on what peace, cooperation and solidarity have built, and what we hope to achieve in the future. On this day, the EU invites citizens from across Europe to learn more about the EU's institutions, how it works and what the EU can do for them.

The way forward towards a more sustainable agriculture

In the context of the 60 years anniversary of the Common Agricultural Policy but also of the terrible war in Ukraine, the NAT section of the EESC will hold a thematic debate with its members, EU institutions and stakeholders to discuss the economic, social and environmental transition needed to ensure European agriculture continues to achieve its objectives in a sustainable and resilient manner.


On 4th May 2022, the EESC will hold a remote public hearing on Decent work worldwide, in the context of the ongoing opinion on the topic. Millions of workers around the world suffer from violations of their labour rights and from poor working conditions. Still today, 160 million children – one in ten worldwide – are in child labour, and 25 million people are in a situation of forced labour. The COVID-19 crisis is deteriorating the working and living situation of workers worldwide, in particular of those most vulnerable. The European Commission's Communication on Decent work worldwide, adopted in February 2022, sets out the internal and external policies the EU uses to implement decent work worldwide, putting this objective at the heart of an inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery from the pandemic. The hearing will represent a key contribution to the ongoing EESC opinion on "Decent work worldwide".