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Programme in pdf (English version)

Towards a Circular Economy

VMA 3, 10.00 am > 01.00 pm

(VMA building, Rue Van Maerlant 2, Brussels)



  • Thierry Libaert, EESC member, President of the study group on the opinion on the circular economy


OPENING (10.00 am)

  • Thierry Libaert
  • Jocelyn Blériot, Head of Editorial & European Affairs, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    Towards a circular economy – benefits, obstacles and solutions
  • William Neale, European Commission, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Potočnik
    The Commission policy initiative Towards a Circular Economy – a Zero Waste Programme for Europe


  • Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director in Zero Waste Europe
    Re-designing society to bring waste down to zero
  • Nadine de Greef, Secretary General, European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD);
    Economic opportunities in a circular economy
  • Thierry Demuysère, Réseau intersyndical de sensibilisation à l'environnement
    Decent work in a circular economy 
  • Sofie Bouteligier, Policy Innovation Service, OVAM (Flemish Public Waste Agency) (tbc)
    From waste policy towards a policy promoting the sustainable use of materials – the Flemish example
  • Grégory Giavarina, Délégué général de l'Institut de l'économie circulaire
    Establishing networks promoting the circular economy


  • An Le Nouail Marlière, EESC member, Rapporteur on the opinion on the circular economy 



Public Hearing - Towards a Circular Economy - 22.09.2014