Rome (Italy) - Hearing on The effectiveness of EU policies for SMEs

8 February 2018, CNEL, Viale David Lubin 2, Rome, Parlamentino room.

The hearing is part of the EESC follow-up work related to its opinion on Improving the effectiveness of EU policies for SMEs, adopted in July 2017.

The main objective of the hearing is to debate the effectiveness and efficiency of EU policies for SMEs and gather valuable input and feedback from Italian stakeholders on the matter with a view to finding ways in which they can be improved. Particular emphasis will be put on the recommendations that have been outlined in the EESC opinion with the aim of implementing them at national level.

Issues such as access to finance, improving access to markets and internationalisation, promoting entrepreneurship, reducing the administrative burden, simplification, supporting SMEs' competitiveness and innovation will be at the forefront. The stakeholders are also invited to express their views on the current definition of SMEs and on its potential need for revision.

For more information please contact the INT Section Secretariat.