Postponed until further notice / AI Europe – Stakeholder summit 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an area of strategic importance. It has enormous potential to improve European society in terms of societal challenges, but it also poses significant challenges, risks and concerns. The European Union has chosen a trustworthy approach to AI, rooted in ethics and the law.

The European Commission has recently published a White paper on AI to promote the development and uptake of AI across Europe with respect for EU values and principles. With this White paper, the European Commission is launching a broad consultation of all relevant stakeholders, including civil society, to comment the proposals set out in the White paper and to prepare the next steps for a future legislative framework for AI.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) would like to contribute to this important consultation by organising the Second edition of the AI Europe stakeholder Summit entitled: White paper on artificial intelligence - What civil society has to say?

The Summit will focus particularly on two topics:

  • Use of AI in the workplace.
  • AI-driven biometric recognition systems (including facial recognition).

The discussion with representatives from businesses, academia, workers, citizens, policy makers and NGO's will include amongst others: AI tools in recruitment, AI for assessment and supervision of workers, health and safety principles when using AI systems in the workplace and AI-driven biometric recognition systems in light of ethical principles and fundamental rights.