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Jean-François BernardiniJean-François Bernardini

President of the Association for a Foundation of Corsica – Umani / Associu pè una Fundazione di Corsica – Umani

An author, composer and interpreter, Jean-François Bernardini is an artist and member of the i Muvrini group. It is through the medium of music that he has chosen to cultivate a radiant form of "musical diversity" by celebrating what it is that gives each country its own vibrant soul, atmosphere and uniqueness. He is also chair of UMANI, l'Association pour une Fondation de Corse. A veritable breath of fresh air for citizenship and responsibility, this foundation operates five action programmes which establish a link between the local level and the principle of global consciousness. Driven by the energy of people who are passionate about finding solutions to environmental questions and issues of solidarity and non-violence ... Fondation de Corse is creating a virtuous circle that brings together creative people and those working for the common good in order to address the common challenges that affect us all.

Michael BoydMichael Boyd

Head of Community Relations, Irish Football Association, Northern Ireland

Michael Boyd has over thirteen years experience as a Senior Manager in the Irish Football Association, the fourth oldest governing body in world football. Michael was the youngest ever Senior Manager at the Irish Football Association when he became Head of Community Relations. Michael created, designed and implemented the international award winning Football For All campaign. This is a Northern Ireland wide campaign which uses the sport of Football as a tool to promote Peace and Reconciliation. Working in partnership with Supporter groups and community groups the Football For All campaign has transformed the face of international football. Michael has a unique experience working with Football Fans tackling issues of sectarianism and implementing Fan driven campaigns which are creating a fun, safe and inclusive culture throughout Football. Michael is also a part of the international Pro Supporters Forum which has created a new Supporters Charter handbook which is being launched throughout Europe as a best practice guide for Clubs and Governing Bodies to work with Fans groups to create a fun, safe and inclusive culture for the beautiful game. Michael has also created many grassroots community projects throughout Northern Ireland in partnership with Police and community groups to promote Peace and Reconciliation in interface areas using Football as a hook to reach marginalised groups and promote respect for diversity. Michael has a masters in Communications and Sport Studies degree from the University of Ulster. He is currently working on a part time PhD at the University of Ulster looking at developing community business models for Irish Premier League football clubs.

Football for all - Irish Football Association, Northern Ireland

Over the last 13 years the IFA’s Football For All campaign has made a significant contribution transforming the face of Northern Ireland Football and playing a leadership role challenging both sectarianism and racism in Northern Irish society. One of the earliest and most widely recognised interventions came through working with the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters Clubs where the IFA’s Football For All campaign has transformed international games making them more fun, safe and inclusive. The campaign has also received formal recognition and has been showcased as a model of good practice, in terms of how a Football Association can positively influence individuals and communities in a post conflict society (UEFA , 2012 - model of best practice in the field of social responsibility, EU + SEUPB – FFA, 2013 selected to present at international Peace conference in Brussels, etc.)

Antonio dell'OlioAntonio dell'Olio

Head of the International Department, Libera

Since 2005 Tonio Dell’Olio has been the director of the international sector of the Italian network Libera - Associations, names and numbers against the mafias. Currently he is also member of a community Pro Civitate Christiana in Assisi. In Libera he carries out initiatives, research and takes part in conferences on the following topics: organized crime system, human and arms trafficking, social anti-mafias, no-violence methods and human rights promotion. He represents Libera at the UN agency on Drugs and Crime and ECOSOC. He was national coordinator of the international movement for peace PAX CRISTI from 1993 to 2005 where he promoted campaigns, activities and initiatives on economic justice and disarmament. He has been the Italian spokesman for the Campaign of Peace in Sudan. Additionally, Tonio has been the publishing director of Mosaico di Pace, and contributed with his prefaces to the works of Don Tonino Bello. He is currently the publishing director of the magazine Caposud.

Andris GobiņšAndris Gobiņš

Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and President of the Coordination Group for the European Year of Citizens 2013
President of the European Movement – Latvia, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Freelance Trainer

Andris Gobiņš has been, since almost 10 years, the chairman of the European Movement, one of the leading NGOs in political sphere in Latvia. He played a key role in creating the Government and NGO cooperation memorandum and in drafting the Saeima (Parliament) declaration on the importance of Civil Society and the Cooperation with NGOs. He is member of the EESC and Rapporteur of the EESC Opinion on the European Year of Citizens and President of the Coordination Group of the Year. Andris Gobiņš is also a Member of the Committee of Strategic Development under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Latvia and Member of the Steering Group of the National Development Plan 2014-2020. He has studied Education in Germany. Fluent in Latvian, German, English, basic knowledge of French.

Kelsang GyaltsenKelsang Gyaltsen

Special Representative of His Holiness the Dalaï Lama to Europe

The main responsibility and task of the Special Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Europe is to build a relationship of trust and confidence with governments in Europe that enables frank discussions on how governments in Europe can play a constructive role in promoting respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Tibetan people and how they can help in facilitating a peaceful resolution of issue of Tibet through dialogue and negotiations. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the democratically elected Tibetan political leadership have made clear that they are not seeking separation or independence of Tibet. The Tibetan leadership in exile is striving for genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people within the People’s Republic of China. In the capacity as the Special Representative of H. H. the Dalai Lama, he also gives talks and interviews on Tibet with the aim of highlighting the tragedy of the Tibetan people and the urgent and compelling need for immediate attention and firm actions by the international community on the issue of Tibet.

Mirna HidalgoMirna Hidalgo

Lawyer, expert in training on conflict management, Breathingstone

Mirna Hidalgo is a lawyer with 18 years of experience as chief negotiator and advisor to management and boards.  As Vice-President of JP Morgan and later Euroclear’s Head of Strategic Projects and member of the management team of the legal division she managed legal and regulatory harmonization projects at European level.  This extensive experience negotiating across cultures and lobbying in several jurisdictions forms the foundation to her work as specialist trainer and corporate coach. She is now a partner at BreathingStone, a firm that advises companies and individuals in the development of interpersonal skills.  She focuses in conflict management, strategic negotiation and personal influence. Mirna has a law degree and postgraduate masters in International Legal Cooperation (LLM in International and European Las) and Law and Economics of Competition (Brussels School of Competition).  She has also trained as executive coach with a specialisation on stress management and burn out prevention and recovery.

Romas Gediminas LileikisRomas Gediminas Lileikis

President of the self-declared  "Užupis Republic"

Poet, director, and president of the "Republic of Užupis/Republic Beyond the River" community. The "Republic of Užupis" is a small area in the centre of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, where a community has developed based on a rejection of aggression and savagery. It has set aside the legacy of violence associated with this area, historically the most deprived in the old town, and laid down the basic rules of community life according to its view of the world. This is also reflected in the fact that the republic has its own calendar, its own map, its own constitution and its own symbols. The constitution of the Republic of Užupis, with its commitment to openness as the foundation of harmony, has gained traction among Europe's intellectuals. The mottos of the constitution – "Don't Fight", "Don't Win", "Don't Surrender"– are as paradoxical as the constitution itself. Romas Lileikis is a director of feature films and documentaries, and a composer of songs and musical projects. He has run creative seminars in many different countries. His film Aš esu (I am) was awarded the grand prize at the Portuguse Costa do Estoril film festival in Portugal, and his film Dangaus  eš÷lis (Shadow of Heaven) was named the best Lithuanian documentary film of the year. His songs are very popular with young people, and his musical projects are widely acclaimed. Official state events in Lithuania are often planned and directed by Romas Lileikis.

Henri MalosseHenri Malosse

President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

As President of the European Economic and Social Committee since April 2013, Henri Malosse is working to achieve an ambitious Europe serving the interests of all Europeans. As a Committee member since 1995 and then president of the Employers Group, Mr Malosse has long believed in the importance of building a solid bridge between the European institutions and civil society. In his view, Europe can achieve nothing without the support of the public. Europe must convince people through actions, providing practical responses to their expectations. Henri Malosse has actively contributed to European policies for SMEs, in particular by inspiring the creation of Euro Info Centres, which are dedicated European policy information points in over 300 European towns and cities, and by establishing the European Association of SMEs at the European Parliament. He was also involved in launching the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Delegation to the European Union, later becoming its president. Henri Malosse is the author of some fifty reports on European policy and has also published a number of works, including Building Europe: The History and Future of a Peoples' Europe (2012), Unifying the Greater Europe (2001), The European Institutions (1993) and Grants and Loans from the European Union: A Guide to Community Funding (1995), among others. As the son of teachers, Henri Malosse feels a great sense of responsibility towards young people, and has taught for many years in France, Poland and Russia.

François VaillantFrançois Vaillant

Philosopher, Editor in chief of the magazine Alternatives Non-Violentes

Editor-in-chief of the research journal Alternatives Non-Violentes (Non-Violent Alternatives - since 1990, François Vaillant is also responsible for projects at IFMAN (Institut de formation du mouvement pour une alternative non-violente – Training institute for the non-violent alternative movement - Initially a teacher of children with special needs, then moving on to study philosophy, Mr Vaillant taught education philosophy for ten years at the Marseille Catholic Institute. He regularly acts as a specialist for non-violent action to highlight social and political struggles. He is the author of several pieces of work, in particular La non-violence. Essay on fundamental ethics, Paris, Le Cerf, 1990.