Measuring EU progress on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

The European Economic and Social Committee organised a public debate to present and examine Eurostat's new report: "Sustainable Development in the European Union: 2017 Monitoring Report of the Sustainable Development Goals in an EU context". In light of the findings of the report, panellists debated the EU's progress, various policy options and hear the public's solutions for their further implementation.
The 2030 Agenda and the SDGs were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September, 2015. We are now in the third year since the Goals were launched and yet not enough has been done to ensure they will be achieved by 2030. The EU has yet to propose an implementation strategy outlining the timelines, objectives and concrete measures to implement the 2030 Agenda across all relevant EU internal and external policies and many citizens are not aware of the goals. The Sustainable Development Observatory (SDO) of the EESC has decided to hold space for discussion and reflection on the Eurostat report's main findings to take stock, address policy gaps, note where the EU needs to intervene and seek further ways for multi-level multi-stakeholder collaboration to meet the SDGs more effectively.

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Summary and analysis - Measuring EU progress on meeting the SDGs