Leaving no one behind in the transition to climate neutrality

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of humankind. In face of the climate emergency a just and fair transition towards carbon neutrality should be carried out in order not to leave anyone behind. Such transition can only be delivered in full partnership with all members of society from regional and local authorities, civil society and young people. At this event, different stakeholders will discuss:

  • the need of a fair and just transition and
  • a European Green Deal that leaves no one behind.

This transition means that the most vulnerable members of society, as well as regions and territories that are in the need of special consideration, have to be involved in decision-making. Similarly, young people must be engaged to ensure the inter-generational fairness. Moreover, nature and environment protection should be effectively enforced in the legal system. A strong participatory process is necessary to achieve ambitious targets adapted to the strengths of the territories and various stakeholders, using their potential most effectively.

The above aspects will be addressed by the panellists in an interactive discussion.