European Day of Sustainable Communities

This conference takes place within the context of the 2nd European Day of Sustainable Communities and is part of ongoing collaboration between the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability (ECOLISE).

Citizen and community-led action on climate change and sustainability has spawned a dynamic, grassroots movement, with thousands of communities across Europe striving to redefine our relationship with the natural world by designing and testing new economic, social and environmental innovations that promote regeneration and sustainability.

There is growing evidence and recognition that these bottom-up approaches are an essential complement to top-down approaches in achieving the radical, structural and lasting lifestyle changes necessary for creating an equitable, sustainable and low-carbon society. Increasingly, these community initiatives are engaging in dialogue with municipal partners, helping to inspire and even reorient municipal activities, in line with longer term climate and sustainability goals.

This kind of local alignment or integration can be a powerful means of mobilising support and engagement on common goals. The conference will facilitate a conversation in which participants can share experiences, and explore ways to encourage and support this type of collaboration. The conference is being co-hosted by the EESC and ECOLISE, in collaboration with Transition Network and the Committee of the Regions.

Join us to hear the latest information from ECOLISE, including learnings from the ongoing project on Municipalities in Transition (MiT) and to connect with those involved in dynamic collaborations across Europe and beyond.