Eastern Neighbours' Platforms Civil Society Day

The External Relations Section of the EESC organised a joint meeting gathering EU and partner representatives of the Civil Society Platforms (CSPs) with Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on 11 September (10:30 to 18:00).

The role of the CSPs is to monitor the implementation of the respective Agreement between the EU and partner country from the civil society point of view, to inform of shortcomings in the legislation or in its implementation and to provide recommendations to the Parties (EU and third countries' governments).

The aim of the exchanges was to conduct a health-check of civil society in the four countries and explore how does the work of the CSPs contributes to enhanced involvement of civil society in the decision-making.

The meeting also put special emphasis on issues of common interest such as youth and skills agenda, and fight against disinformation. Furthermore, the participants discussed visibility and impact of the work of the CSP.