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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), in cooperation with the Luxembourg presidency of the Council of the EU, is organising the 9th edition of its Civil Society Media Seminar, targeted at communication and press officers from Member States' civil society organisations, EU institutions and agencies, as well as journalists. This year the seminar will focus on the challenges linked to communicating European development policy.

Development policy should be regarded as an investment: an investment in the future of developing and developed countries alike through reducing poverty in the world, ensuring sustainable economic, social and environmental development and promoting democracy, the rule of law, good governance and the respect of human rights, Development policy cannot be left to individual States or to EU institutions alone: it needs the support of all civil society actors and citizens. And to secure public support we need effective communication tools and strategies. 

The (EESC) has invited distinguished speakers – journalists, photographers, communicators, etc. – people who have first-hand experience of working on development policy and who have experience in communicating it most successfully. 

The seminar will include 3 panels:

  • The first will highlight the achievements of the current European Year for development and examine which communication tools had most success.
  • The second will focus on the role of civil society in development policy and at how media helps in communicating on this topic.
  • The third will cover the sustainable development goals (SDGs), recently adopted by the UN, and the role the EU can play in supporting effective communication on the goals. 

The seminar will also provide a networking platform and a forum to share ideas and knowledge and exchange best practices.

The EESC will make the speeches and final conclusions available on its website and will also publish a brochure with the main findings of this seminar, which will be available on the event webpage as from end December.


For more information, please contact:

Silvia Aumair, EESC Press Unit
E-mail: pressateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu
Tel.: + 32 2 546 8141 or + 32 473 520774