Civil Society in Action: European Bioeconomy Strategy

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European Bioeconomy Strategy

In October 2018, the European Commission launched the updated European Bioeconomy Strategy, seeking to address the challenges of living in a world of limited resources and global challenges, such as climate change.  The new strategy seeks ways of keeping Europe competitive in a global economy, while respecting the ecological boundaries of our planet and helping our societies to prosper.   

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is committed to strengthening democracy in the European Union, and calls for the voices of civil society organisations from Member States to be heard at European level.  On 28 February 2019, the EESC will hold a public meeting to gather the views of civil society on how the updated Bioeconomy Strategy can be put in to practice.  Two themes will be covered – the first on how to find and implement opportunities in a sustainable manner, looking to the forestry and food sectors for inspiration.  The second theme will explore how to overcome the obstacles of access to finance and how to stimulate markets.