CANCELLED - Refocusing the European Semester – how to face the economic, social and environmental challenges in an inclusive manner

Following the growing increase of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Committee has taken the exceptional decision to CANCEL all meetings and activities in Brussels and beyond, until 27 March 2020. 

Therefore, this conference is CANCELLED.

The Committee regrets the inconveniences this decision may cause and thanks you for your understanding.

Over the past decade, the European Semester has established itself as the key tool for the coordination of economic and related policies.  As the EU faces new challenges, the European Semester is constantly evolving to address them. The new European legislature is now refocusing the European Semester process to incorporate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. With the European Green Deal, the new growth strategy for the EU, the topic of resources and funding will be of utmost importance in 2020. The discussion on how to obtain the necessary investments to implement the Deal and how to assure a just and inclusive transition has been opened.

If sustainability is to be a cornerstone of policy and action the European institutions, the Member States and the regions must assemble a range of tools enabling all citizens to take part in the process. The involvement of organised civil society in the European Semester is therefore more important than ever, as stakeholders' co-ownership of reforms help improve their implementation and achieve positive outcomes.