Statement by activists from the cultural field and the EESC president

Luca Jahier, EESC President 2018-2020

We are European citizens. We are extremely concerned about the current state of the European Union, and by the next European Parliament elections.

While we may not be satisfied with the functioning of the European Union today, we are convinced that the populist, extremist and nationalist tides which may be strengthened in these upcoming elections are not the right way forward. On the contrary, such developments will create tensions, conflicts, regression, will lead to stagnation rather than re-dynamise Europe.

What we need is a more united Europe, more democratic, more inclusive, more ecological, more welcoming, more dynamic, more aware of its strengths, its creativity and cultural wealth.

We therefore appeal to all European citizens to go and vote, and to defend our fundamental values which make our Europe a place of freedom, peace and democracy.

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12 February 2019

Signed by

  • Tere Badia (Culture Action Europe);
  • Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (Belgian filmmakers)
  • Kathrin Deventer (European Festival Association);
  • Paul Dujardin (BOZAR, Brussels);
  • Bernard Foccroulle (former director Festival d'art lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence, organist);
  • Andreas Homoki (stage director, Intendant Opernhaus Zürich);
  • Luca Jahier (EESC);
  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Choreographer, Director of Rosas)
  • Costa Pilavachi (ex-President of Philips Classics, Decca, EMI Classics);
  • Valerio Tura (University of Bologna, Management of Performing Arts);