How you can take part

We strongly feel it is necessary to add our voices and names, our creativity and passion to a movement to strand strong against populist and xenophobic tendencies in our countries today. These developments threaten to influence the results of the European elections, damaging the possibility to change and protect the European Union.

Therefore, in a first and urgent step, we would like to ask you to create a short video (mobile phone quality will suffice) with which you express your support for a democratic Europe and point to what Europe means for you. The message and the way you choose to portray this is completely open.

Please use whatever language you find appropriate for your audiences.

We suggest keeping the video short to facilitate its spread, maximum 20- 60 seconds.

Please put this video online using the hashtag #LEuropaebella. We are happy to help if you wish.

This message, 'Europa è bella'/'Europe is beautiful',… can be incorporated to make it easier to identify as a contribution to the campaign.

Please also support this initiative by forwarding this message and actively contacting and encouraging other artists to follow suit. We need to flood the social media with positive messages for Europe prior to the May elections- rather than be prey to negative messaging and distortions.

Elections are from 23-26 May. Your video will in turn encourage others to post, creating the necessary snowball effect - the timeframe is short.

In a second, middle-term perspective, we plan to join forces to reflect on a more structured representation and interaction with arts and culture on a European level. The European Economic and Social Committee, representing the voices of European civil society, has offered to support this idea.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Katherine Heid (Katherine [dot] Heidateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu) or the European Festival Association (infoatefa-aef [dot] eu).

Together, we can change and protect our Europe of culture and creativity, freedom and inclusiveness.