About YEYS 2020

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Climate change is on everyone's mind, and young people all over the globe are mobilising to save the planet. The European Economic and Social Committee is joining the movement and asking the young participants at YEYS for the best way forward in protecting our planet.

This year's event will model an international climate change conference (COP).

The Committee is interested in hearing students' fresh ideas on how to deal with the current climate crisis and how to come closer to meeting the 2050 climate-neutral ambitions.

Students will be asked to represent a country and negotiate with each other, in order to come up with recommendations to stop climate change.

These recommendations will be submitted to international environment policy-makers and discussed at conferences around Europe throughout the year.

During YEYS, the students will also be put in contact with international youth organisations that will help them translate these recommendations into concrete measures and make their voice heard.

Creative ideas for a green world!

Before meeting in Brussels, the delegated students, together with their classmates or schoolmates, will prepare a creative and out of the box idea on how to tackle climate change (as an individual, school, town, etc).

At the conference, the 3 delegated students will pitch the idea of their class or school in 1 minute and the best idea will be voted by the 102 students taking part in the event.

This way, not only the delegated students can be involved, but also classmates or schoolmates, working together in creating inspiring solutions for a green environment.

A visual can accompany the pitch, but PowerPoint presentations are not recommended.

The presentation of ideas and the vote will be live on Facebook, so the whole class can follow.