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This opinion focuses on the reform and investment measures in the Member States, in particular those based on the Country-Specific Recommendations 2023, and their implementation, in order to assess the effectiveness of these measures and the possibilities for better targeting of proposals, improved implementation and the monitoring and involvement of organised civil society in the procedures. This opinion also looks at issues concerning the ongoing reform of the EU’s economic governance rules, the central objective of which is to strengthen public debt sustainability while promoting sustainable and inclusive growth in all Member States through reforms and investment. Moreover, the opinion continues the previous consultation exercises by examining the state of the implementation of the reforms and investments provided for in the national Recovery and Resilience Plans and which are financially supported by RRF funds.

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Geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe with the unprovoked war in Ukraine, and various conflict cases that poses severe risks to peace and derails European direction towards economic and political integration, are calling for more efficient coordination and common long-term action in European Union in the field of defence cooperation.

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Dec 13, 2023 Dec 14, 2023

Climate diplomacy frames climate change as an external action policy topic and highlights the need to integrate climate objectives and address climate related risks at the highest diplomatic level and across all policy areas. Through this opinion we build on our previous work in this area and also explore practical aspects of the EU climate diplomacy.

Γνωμοδότηση τμήμστος της ΕΟΚΕ: EU Climate Diplomacy

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Practical information

  1. Composition of the Study Group
  2. Administrator / Assistant in charge: Sveto TRAJKOVSKI / Elisabete DIAS


The EU-UK Follow-up Committee (Committee) was set up in March 2021 for the purpose of maintaining and strengthening relations between EU and UK civil society organisations, as well as for pursuing any activities contributing to enhancing the relationship between the EU and the UK.

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In 2021 the European Commission announced the revision of the Council Directive 2011/64/EU on the excise rules for tobacco. In the inception impact assessment, the EC stated that there are areas of weakness and ambiguity in the current legal arrangements which give rise to market distortions, legal uncertainty and can also hinder the detection and prevention of fraud. The review will ensure that the rules remain fit for the purpose and improve the proper functioning of the internal market, and a high level of health protection. The policy changes focus on:

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The purpose of the opinion is to contribute to the further development of the foresight in the EU policy-making. The opinion will comment on the Commission's 2023 Annual foresight Report, which focused on the sustainability and people's wellbeing at the heart of Europe's Open Strategic Autonomy.