Letter of Solidarity from the Workers' Group - Victimisation of Trade Union Members in LOT (Polish Airlines)

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Brussels, 24 October 2018


Mateusz Morawiecki
Prime Minster of the Republic of Poland
00-583 Warszawa
Al. Ujazdowskie 1/3


Re: Victimisation of trade union members in LOT (Polish Airlines)


Dear Prime Minister,

            On  the 22nd October 2018,  67 workers belonging to the Trade union Federation of Fly attends (OPZZ)  and pilots of LOT were dismissed due to their participation in an industrial action. The industrial action was organized as result of the dismissal of the President of the trade union of Fly attendants and against precarious working conditions of all flight personnel. 

            On behalf of the Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee we express our strongest disapproval about this decision and the way in which the company’s management and its CEO is treating trade union members, denying fundamental rights. Protection of Trade union rights including the strike and collective bargaining are essential in a democratic system.  Moreover, right to strike and collective bargaining are protected by the ILO core conventions.

            Given that LOT is  a public controlled company, victimisation of trade union members in LOT is even more disappointing.

            Expressing the Workers' Group solidarity with the dismissed workers, we believe that social dialogue is the only way to solve the conflict in the company and conclude the industrial action. 

            We strongly believe that LOT, being one of the oldest airline in the world, could be a company where workers are treated with dignity and respect and fundamental trade union rights are respected.



                                                            Gabriele Bischoff


Letter of solidarity of Gabriele Bischoff on behalf of the Workers' Group