Agreement on Posting of Workers by Council

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Step closer to securing equal pay for equal work at the same place for posted workers

European Union ambassadors have confirmed the compromise text negotiated with the European Parliament on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive. Under the agreement, workers who are sent by their employers to work temporarily in another Member States will be guaranteed the same pay as local workers for doing the same work at the same place.  

The European trade union movement, including the EESC Workers Group, have fought hard to secure the principle of equal pay for equal work during the revision process, in order to ensure that workers are treated fairly across the EU and that there is fair competition in the cross-border provision of services. We also particularly welcome the fact that the revision strengthens the requirement for employers to respect a greater number of collective agreements.

Negotiations are still continuing regarding the specific rules regarding the posting of workers in the road transport sector, but in the meantime the provisions of the Posting of Workers Directive will apply. The Workers Group stresses that drivers in the road transport sector are not second-class posted workers! An agreement must be reached which ensures that drivers involved in the provision of cross-border services, an increasing number of whom are working under appalling conditions, are also fully protected. 

We now expect the European Parliament to approve the compromise text prior to its adoption by the European Council, after which it can come into force. Europe's workers need equal pay for equal work at the same workplace now!