Emissions / heavy duty vehicles

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Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: Emissions / heavy duty vehicles

Key points

This proposal implements the 2016 European Strategy for low-emission mobility, whose goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions in road transport by at least 60 % in 2050 compared to 1990 levels and drastically reducing the emission of air pollutants. It will also facilitate the development of a methodology for differentiating infrastructure use charges for new HDVs in line with CO2 emissions, supporting the implementation of the review of the ‘Eurovignette’ Directive. With this opinion, the EESC welcomes the proposal to monitor and disseminate CO2 readings of HDVs newly registered in EU, and provides customers with clear information concerning consumption. A balance should be striked between targets that can be achieved in the short to medium-term and the longer-term goal of zero-emission road transport. This means that innovation in existing technology should be stimulated. The EESC also stresses that any regulatory action must go hand in hand with more policy measures to reduce demand for road transport – including for heavy goods transport – by shifting to other modes (rail, inland waterways, etc.) that produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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