#LEuropaebella: Luca Jahier in conversation with Darby Lin O’Donnell and Natalie Claire Marsden from Safe Passage

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Welcome to another episode of #LEuropaebella: Luca Jahier in conversation with the innovative minds of Europe. This time EESC President Luca Jahier is speaking to one of the winners of the 2018 Civil Society Prize. The 2018 Civil Society Prize has rewarded projects celebrating European identities, values and cultural heritage. Safe Passage is one of them. Between 2015 and 2018, Safe Passage has enabled 1500 minors to reach safety via the EU’s family reunification mechanism to the UK. With Britain’s departure from the EU in 2020, meaning the possible closures of safe routes for child refugees, Safe Passage is working both to change the politics and the public perception. Safe Passage has launched a cultural campaign which draws a parallel with the Kindertransport of the 1930s, when the UK took 10.000 refugee children fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe.

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