Can Economic Progress and Social Stability Cure EU-Scepticism?

Extraordinary Group III Meeting

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The event brought together EESC members and Austrian representatives of civil society organisations to debate the main outcomes of a study that is currently being carried out by the EESC on "Societies outside Metropolises: the role of civil society organisations in facing populism".

The variety of the speakers and of the members of our Group – representatives of various interests and sectors, such as consumers, the environment, families, gender, age equality, the social economy, the professions, farmers, SMEs, the voluntary sector and academia – allowed for a rich and fruitful conversation.

The conference included the panel discussions related to:

  • The popularity of EU-scepticism
  • The democracy and the problem solving competence of the EU: The Role of Civil society
  • The costs and benefits of EU Membership: Prosperity in Export-oriented Regions
  • The Importance of a Skilled Workforce, Employment Prospects and Inclusion Policies