Civil Society Forum-Draft Agenda

12 April 2021, 9:00-12:00 Brussels time (16:00-19:00 Korea time)

09:00-09:10 (16:00-16:10)    Opening remarks by the co-chairs and adoption of the agenda

09:10-10:00 (16:10-17:00) -  Session I - Working time – challenges and opportunities ahead in the EU and Korea

This topic will cover current EU rules on working time, the latest changes in specific sectors in the EU and changes in working time in Korea – with a focus on the impacts on the business environment, the workers' life and the labour market policy

  • 09:10-09:17 (16:10-16:17) - Introductory remarks: Overview of the regulations and global practices – with a focus on OECD countries, Stefan Thewissen, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD
  • 09:17-09:24 (16:17-16:24) - Reality of overtime work in Korea and its solution, Jung Yup Yoo, Federation of Korean Trade Unions
  • 09:24-09:31 (16:24-16:31) - Basic EU-regulations on working time, Bertrand Muller-Schleiden, DG EMPL, European Commission
  • 09:31-09:38 (16:31-16:38) - Trends and tasks of working time reductions, Hyung-Jun Lee, Korea Employers Federation

09:45-10:00 (16:45-17:00)         Discussion

10:00-11:10 (17:00-18:10) - Session II - Social dialogue as a driver for future development

This topic will comprise overviews of various models of social dialogue in the EU on national, sectorial and company level, experiences from Korean investors, and the latest developments on social dialogue in Korea, including the debates on the ratification of ILO Conventions

  • 10:00-10:15 (17:00-17:15): 
    • Introduction and overview on the topic of social dialogue and changes in the last years, Konstantinos Papadakis, Senior Specialist Governance Dept. Social Dialogue & Tripartism Unit, ILO
    • Overview on the ratification of ILO Conventions, Karen Curtis, Chief of the Freedom of Association Branch, International Labour Standards Dept., ILO
  • 10:15-10:22 (17:15-17:22) - National tripartite dialogue, Janusz Pietkiewicz, EESC, EU DAG Member
  • 10:22-10:29 (17:22-17:29) - National Level Social Dialogue in Korea, Heungjun Jung, Seoul University of Technology
  • 10:29-10:36 (17:29-17:36) - The Dynamics of Social Dialogue in South Korea, Heungjun Jung, Seoul University of Technology
  • 10:36-10:43 (17:36-17:43) - Collective Bargaining Systems and Developments in Europe, Isabelle Barthès, IndustriAll
  • 10:43-10:48 (17:43-17:48) - Social Dialogue on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) from the perspective of Korean businesses, Hyun-jung JE, Korea International Trade Association
  • 10:48-10:55 (17:48-17:55) - Employers/Employees dialogue at company level, Dušan Dvořák and Won Jin Kim, KIA Slovakia

 10:55-11:10 (17:55-18:10)         Discussion

11:10-11:40 (18:10-18:40) - Session III - The TSD chapter from the DAGs' perspective

Exchanges of views building on the EU and the Korea DAGs' experiences since the first meeting in 2012

  • 11:10-11:17 (18:10-18:17) - Overview of the work of the DAGs, Gaëlle Dusepulchre, FIDH, EU DAG Member
  • 11:17-11:24 (18:17-18:24) - Assessment and Improvement of the Civil Society Forum required by Article 13.13 of the Free Trade Agreement between Republic of Korea and the European Union, Ho-Geun Lee, Jeonbuk National University

11:24-11:40 (18:24-18:40) - General discussion: Best examples and ways forward

11:40-12:00 (18:40-19:00) - Discussion and adoption of the EU-Korea CSF Conclusions and closing remarks

Workshop-Draft Agenda

13 April 2021, 10:00-11:45 Brussels time (17:00-18:45 Korea time)

10:00-11:45(17:00-18:45) - Opening session

MODERATOR: Murray SMITH; EU-Korea FTA expert

Introductory remarks:

  • Mr Davor Percan, Head of Unit, DG ENV, European Commission
  • EU-Korea CSF co-chairs

“Current status of Korea’s EV battery recycling & ESS (Energy Storage System) Industry” HangKoo Lee, Korea Automotive Technology Institute

“Circular Economy and the Recycling of Batteries” Ionut Nae-MuseToiu, consultant on EU Waste Battery management and the Circular Economy

“Management of personal protective equipment (PPE) wastes related to COVID-19 in South Korea” Seung-Whee Rhee, Kyonggi University

 Q&A and discussion


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