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Joint meeting of the "Farmers" and "Consumers & Environment" categories

The ‘Farmers’ Category’ and the ‘Consumers and Environment Category’ held a joint meeting on Thursday 26 June 2014, to which the guest speakers Mr Fabien Zuleeg (European Policy Center), Mr Max Grünig (Ecologic Institute), Mr Zoltan Somogyi (DG Trade) and Mr Damien Levie (DG Trade) together with representatives of farmers’ and consumers' organisations, Mr Johannes Kleis (Beuc), Mr Arnaud Petit (Copa Cogeca) and Mr Louis Hinzen (FoodDrinkEurope) were invited to speak, under the title: "Transatlantic negotiations: what is at stake for farmers and consumers". The presentations were followed by a debate among members and external guests.




Presentation by Arnaud PETIT - Copa Cogeca

Presentation by Max GRÜNIG - Ecologic Institute

Presentation by Johannes KLEIS - BEUC

Final Conclusions