EESC Design Eleven - 2011 European Design Award For A Sustainable Present 
"AGELESS DESIGN – Design for all generations"


Welcome message from EESC Vice-President Anna Maria Darmanin

Anna Maria DarmaninEurope is a great place to live in! Let's make sure this becomes a reality for all the citizens of our Europe.

With the EESC Design Eleven - 2011 European Design Award For A Sustainable Present the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) faces European realities and supports practical and functional ideas for European citizens. In this way it contributes to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for people in Europe at the same time.
The first award edition EESC Design ZeroNine was a big success and proved that there is the demand for a forum for Europeans. The EESC wants to communicate Europe to its citizens by including them and giving them a voice amongst the institutions.
In this context we want to give the floor again to  design students and designers in all 27 EU Member States and European designers living abroad and invite them to focus on a quite important issue: Intergenerational solidarity in times of an ageing population. The talent and commitment of European designers is crucial to tackle this quite increasing global change and promote a better quality of life for all generations.
The EESC as the bridge to civil society is very happy to receive creative and innovative ideas that are essential to find pertinent design solutions for all generations. Good design solutions are the outcome of a process in a societal context. Ageless design solutions need to bridge the gap between the generations and enhance a dialogue between them. Only through exchange and clear focus on the final users innovative, sustainable and functional design products can be successfully created.
The best products will be selected by an independent international jury and get a high visibility at international level. The winning object will be distributed throughout an international network of institutional stakeholders.
If you feel that you can support our aims, want to join forces in an international network and contribute to our common efforts don't hesitate to register here and send us your contributions until 05 June 2011.
Anna-Maria Darmanin, EESC Vice-President
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