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  • 15 June 2023 - The Employers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee today pushed through a counter-opinion to strongly voice its concern about adding a Social Progress Protocol that would fundamentally change the nature and functioning of the EU social market economy.

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    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Single Market, the EESC held a debate about the future of the world's largest trading bloc with Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager. The Single Market is widely considered the EU's greatest achievement, but has also shown its limitations in the face of current crises. 

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    At the European Economic and Social Committee plenary session on Wednesday, EESC members discussed the EU's response to geopolitical challenges with Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament. The presidents of both institutions agreed that competitiveness, together with more strategic autonomy, is crucial in the current challenging times.

  • Lifelong learning will ensure jobs and decent living standards. However, in the absence of a standardised system across the EU, not all workers have opportunities to reskill and upskill during their careers, an EESC study finds

  • Trillions of euros are needed for Europe's economic recovery. EU proposals for accessible investment data and long-term funding must be more flexible and promote a transparent level playing field, to include more investors and businesses in capital markets.

    • European Green Deal must lead to more economic prosperity and convergence
    • Sustainable growth must be a top priority
    • Measures to close the investment gap are essential
  • EWSA zieht aus dem Semester 2019 und aus den Konsultationen der Zivilgesellschaft in den Mitgliedstaaten durch den Ausschuss zukunftsorientierte Schlussfolgerungen

  • Having SME policy as a horizontal priority is an indispensable way to address numerous, cross-cutting challenges that they are currently facing. Current trends cause bigger challenges for SMEs than for bigger companies. Therefore, it is high time for policy makers to act upon it. This was discussed at the conference "Placing European SMEs at a horizontal priority in post-2020 policy making process". The conference took place on 24 October 2019 in Chania, Greece and was organised by the Employers' Group, Chania's Traders Association and the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

  • "An open economy and open society are key enablers of European prosperity, wellbeing and way of life" states the Helsinki Declaration on Open Europe. The declaration was signed by the EESC Employers' Group, the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK and Finland Chamber of Commerce during the conference "An open Europe – How does it benefit us all?" on 9 October in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Der Europäische Wirtschafts- und Sozialausschuss hat auf seiner Plenartagung im Juli Vorschläge für die wirtschaftspolitische Agenda der kommenden Legislaturperiode (2019-2024) vorgelegt und empfohlen, dass sie die Grundlage für eine neue europäische Wirtschaftsstrategie bilden sollten. Die Vorschläge des EWSA zielen darauf ab, innerhalb eines verbesserten Governance-Rahmens für die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion eine widerstandsfähigere und tragfähigere EU-Wirtschaftspolitik zu gestalten.