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  • Nature Restoration Law in the Focus of Civil Society

    In this issue:

    • Our members discuss the long-debated Nature Restoration Law
    • Guest articles by Silvie Kreibiehl and Svenja Schünemann (German Nature Conservation Association - DNR), Edwin Michiels (Agriculture and Horticulture Organisation Netherlands (LTO)) and Susanne Westhausen (Cooperatives Europe)
    • Interview with rapporteur Pietro Barbieri on the EESC opinion 'Strengthening civil dialogue and participatory democracy in the EU: a path forward'
    Civil Society Organisations' Bulletin - March 2024
  • In this issue:

    • Members' proposals and demands for the future of food
    • Guest articles by Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, and Marta Massa, Director of the European Office, Slow Food Europe
    • Members' comments on current affairs #StandWithUkraine #EUtaxonomy #CoFoE
    • Report on our recent conference on 'Climate Change and Energy Transition'
    Diversity Europe Newsletter - March 2022
  • Topics:

    • Impact of digitalisation on labour markets
    • Brexit: why the Irish Border is a core issue?
    • A Paris-style agreement is needed on the future of work
    • The Common Agriculture Policy: it's less about direct payments than you think!
    The Employers' Group newsletter September 2017
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC

    Europe III - March 2014
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests' Group

    Newsletter February 2016
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC

    Europe III - July 2014
    Europe III - July 2014 - Supplement
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