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On 6 May 2019 the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) organised in its headquarters at Place du Congrès in Brussels a day of debates which focused on analysing the reform process of the Economic and Monetary Union, the various positions of the Member States' governments and some social actors, as well as the possible way forward from a situation that was qualified as a "blockage of the main reforms". In the six round tables that structured the debate, a total of 26 people participated, including keynote speakers, speakers and moderators. All of them were academics or officials of the European institutions.

Money laundering

In a recently adopted opinion, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) welcomes the European Commission's proposal to amend the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) with the objective of better tackling money laundering and terrorist financing in the European banking and financial sector, but calls for more comprehensive measures. These issues are, in its view, becoming increasingly dangerous in terms of the stability, safety and reputation of financial institutions and the financial sector as a whole. Additional measures are therefore of the utmost importance.


Der von der Europäischen Kommission vorgeschlagene Rahmen für Crowdfunding auf EU-Ebene wird dazu beitragen, eine Kapitalmarktunion aufzubauen, Innovation zu fördern und Unternehmer und KMU in der ganzen EU zu unterstützen, betont der Europäische Wirtschafts- und Sozialausschuss (EWSA) in einer neuen Stellungnahme, in der er die Vorschläge der Kommission nachdrücklich begrüßt. Der vorgeschlagene Rechtsrahmen – der als 29. Regelung neben den 28 nationalen Regelwerken existieren soll – wird insbesondere kleinen, jungen und innovativen Unternehmen in allen EU-Mitgliedstaaten den Zugang zu Finanzierungen erleichtern.

Financial technology

The EESC believes that the European Commission's Action Plan is a good basis but that additional measures are needed to tap the full potential of financial technology and to ensure certainty and protection for all market participants