European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences

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Summary of the initiative

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EuCheMS - European Chemical Sciences
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Increasing clients' trust in the quality of the products/services; Raising industry standards; Avoiding government regulation. Act in the public interest. According to the code of conduct, "European Chemists" have a duty to: Observe any rules and regulations as may be determined by the European Chemist Registration Board; Maintain the honour and dignity of the profession to conduct themselves honourably in the practice of their profession; Have a special regard at all times to the public interest; Maintain the highest standards of competence and integrity; Have special regard to protection of the environment and to the safety of the public. The contents of the code apply to chemist: 1. Purpose; 2. Planning; 3. Personnel; 4. Information Management; 5. Materials; 6. Equipment; 7. Location; 8. Management and 9. Quality.

Description of the Initiative

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European Chemist Code of Conduct