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On 23 February the EESC adopted two opinions addressing the issues of education and training and vocational skills development in the EU. Initiatives intended to promote high quality education for all could be meaningless, the EESC warned, if the austerity measures still in place in many EU countries prevented these from making the highly needed investments. As for the Commission's New Skills Agenda, the EESC wishes to see more innovative solutions focusing on social and gender perspectives, non-formal and informal learning and entrepreneurship as a life skill.


The vote for CETA in the European Parliament opens a new chapter of closer relations between Canada and the EU. There is still a bumpy road ahead, however, with ratification of the agreement needed in all EU Member States. CETA is a progressive agreement for inclusive growth that brings substantial  benefits for SMEs. Business has an important role to play in promoting the agreement and providing real-life examples of its benefits. These were just some of the views expressed during the debate with Canada's ambassador to the European Union, Daniel Costello, which took place at the Employers' Group meeting on 22nd January 2017.



Is-Sur Charles Vella, membru tal-Kumitat Ekonomiku u Soċjali Ewropew, nhar it-3 ta’ Marzu, se jżur l-istudenti mill-iskola sekondarja tal-Kulleġġ ta’ Għawdex, li tinsab fir-Rabat, Għawdex, biex iħejjihom għal “L-Ewropa Tiegħek, il-Lehen Tieghek". “L-Ewropa Tiegħek, il-Lehen tieghek” hija assemblea Ewropea taż-Żgħażagħ li tiġbor flimkien 33 skola mill-pajjiżi tal-UE u dawk kandidati sabiex jiddibattu dwar il-futur tal-Ewropa, u ser issir fil-KESE fi Brussell fit-30-31 ta’ Marzu 2017.


The role of corporate social responsibility in EU-Korea trade relations, including in supply chains and environmental protection, was also discussed during the fifth meeting of the Civil Society Forum (CSF) under the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement held in Brussels on 20 and 21 February 2017. The meeting started with a workshop on Corporate ...


Sainte Pulchérie Fransız Lisesi Öğrencileri Avrupa'nın geleceğinin tartışıldığı oturumda Türkiye'deki gençleri temsil ediyor

28 Şubat günü Avrupa Ekonomik ve Sosyal Komitesi (EESC)'nin Alman üyesi Arno Metzler, İstanbul Sainte Pulchérie Lisesi öğrencilerini "Sizin Avrupanız Sizin Sözünüz/ Senin Avrupan, Söz Senin /Your Europe, Your Say" (YEYS) etkinliğine hazırlamak üzere öğrencileri ziyaret edecek. Avrupa'nın geleceğimi tartışmaları amacıyla AB ve aday ülkelerden 33 okulu bir araya getiren bir Avrupa Gençlik Meclisi olan YEYS 30-31 Mart 2017 tarihlerinde Brüksel'deki EESC'de toplanacak.




The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI) Global Forum and the Global Hub for the Common Good have joined forces to enrich the European debate with input from communities directly involved in the collaborative, circular and functional economies.


On 16 February, the EESC brought together representatives from the public and private sectors to explore the opportunities the new economies present for the EU. Themed New Economy Models and Social Innovation: an opportunity for a better Europe, the event aimed to contribute towards the dialogue between the European Commission and civil society and to the shaping of EU legislation in these areas.