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Focusing on social inclusion of young people, helping them to develop self-confidence, a sense of identity and belonging, and teaching them how to think critically are among the most important elements of successfully preventing youth radicalisation, a panel held by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) heard in Brussels last week.


The rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) should be included in the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global compact for Migration, the two intergovernmental agreements covering the international response to refugees and migrations, it was suggested at an event held on the margins of the Conference of State Parties to the CRPD (COSP) co-hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Social Economy – the right tool to improve living standards in the EU neighbourhood

The social economy's primary objective is to generate economic activity at the same time as meeting and addressing the needs of workers, users and consumers, rather than owners and investors. Based on solidarity-inspired criteria, it makes a major contribution to improving the living and working conditions of millions of people.  The social economy in its various business forms - cooperatives, associations, foundations, mutual societies, social economy enterprises (SEEs), etc. - plays an active role, for instance in agricultural production, manufacturing finance and micro-finance, the supply of clean water, housing, the labour market integration of people with disabilities, youth employment and women's rights, etc.


EU Customs Union crucial in the fight against counterfeiting

The production of counterfeit goods is on the rise. While it is still considered an external phenomenon, the production of counterfeit goods is also increasing in EU Member States. Criminal networks, already experienced in fraud, document forgery, tax evasion or human trafficking, see counterfeiting as a profitable business, with lower risks and the advantage of lower transport costs and circumventing customs controls. ...