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At its July plenary session, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an opinion on the latest annual report issued by the European Commission on the implementation of free trade agreements (FTAs), covering 2018. The EESC outlines the key role of trade in "promoting a sustainable economic recovery and allowing companies to rebuild and re-organise their disrupted value chains". At the same time, it regrets that civil society's monitoring work remains "largely absent" from the implementation report.


The COVID-19 crisis has created the conditions for circular products and services to become the norm in Europe, says the EESC. In a recent opinion on the new EU Circular Economy Action Plan, the EESC urges lawmakers to ensure the circular economy finds a place and resources in the overall "greenprint" for Europe's recovery.


Jetzt haben wir erstmals eine echte Strategie, mit der Europa seine industrielle Souveränität wiedererlangen kann, so der EWSA in seiner jüngst verabschiedeten Stellungnahme zu der vorgeschlagenen neuen Industriestrategie für Europa. Was noch fehlt, ist ein konkreter Aktionsplan mit praktischen kurz-, mittel- und langfristigen Maßnahmen zum Erreichen der Ziele.