25 November - International Day to end violence against women

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Recent statistics show us that terrorism and migration are the top concerns of EU citizens. But numbers tell us that more women are killed yearly by their partner than by terrorism.
How did this happen? When did feminicide become a 'fait divers'? And more importantly, when did we stop caring?

In 2012, the EU was awarded the highest decoration for peace: the Nobel Price. But surely we can't live up to be the world's biggest peace project, if we can't protect our own mothers and sisters, partners and daughters.

It is my strong believe that before waving the human rights' flag we need to look at our own gaps, which includes protecting women from physical and psychological partner violence. Let this not become another news in the papers, and react jointly to stop violence against women, in our society by also in the rest of the world. Let us care again!
Stop words.It is time for action and prevention. Now!

Luca Jahier, President of Various Interests' Groups

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