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  • Conference organised by the Various Interests Group of the EESC in Dublin to mark Ireland's 40 years of membership of the EU

    Speech by Juca JAHIER - The Cost of a Non-Europe
    Innaugural speech by Luca JAHIER
  • Speaker
    Staffan Nilsson
    European integration must move forward and be strengthened. We must concentrate on opportunities, growth and jobs, social justice and a sustainable Europe and European Union. And I hope the Irish Presidency will go in this direction when taking the helm of the EU. EU leaders and members of the other EU institutions have on numerous occasions paid tribute to the EESC’s knowledge and experience and the added value they bring to our endeavours. The European Economic and Social Committee is there to advise and support the Irish EU presidency, based on the grassroots experience of its members and on its long-standing tradition of cooperation with EU presidencies.
    Staffan Nilsson`s speech at the conference "Ireland’s Presidency of the EU- Priorities and challenges"
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