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Igangværende (updated on 05/10/2022)
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Dec 14, 2022 Dec 15, 2022

The Cyber Resilience Act seeks to establish cybersecurity requirements for connected products and software (embedded and non-embedded). This initiative aims to address market needs and protect consumers from insecure products by introducing common cybersecurity rules for manufacturers and vendors of tangible and intangible digital products and ancillary services.

Igangværende (updated on 04/10/2022)

The Commission initiative proposes to adapt rules on products to take account of developments linked to the move towards a circular and digital economy on liability for damage caused by new and refurbished products. It also aims at reducing obstacles to getting compensation for damage in order to ensure that injured parties are equally protected throughout the EU.

Igangværende (updated on 03/10/2022)

The purpose of the AI Liability Directive is to lay down uniform rules for access to information and alleviation of the burden of proof in relation to damages caused by AI systems, establishing broader protection for victims (be it individuals or businesses), and fostering the AI sector by increasing guarantees. It will harmonise certain rules for claims outside of the scope of the Product Liability Directive, in cases in which damage is caused due to wrongful behaviour.