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Igangværende (updated on 04/07/2020)

The purpose of this opinion is twofold:

1. To make an inventory of all the concrete proposals made by EESC members during the current term of office concerning any form of coordination between the rule books of the UNCCC for climate change, the WTO for trade in goods, services and investments and subsidies, and the ILO for the main conventions, and in particular, decent work agenda;

2. To organise hearings in Brussels and Geneva of key people and consultations through an on‑line platform in order to articulate a set of practical proposals designed to bring about greater integration of economic, environmental and social rules.

Informationsnote: A post COVID-19 emergency: the design of a New Multilateral Matrix (own-initiative opinion)

Igangværende (updated on 04/07/2020)

The opinion will provide guidance on how to build on existing structures like citizens' dialogues and assemblies, social dialogue committees in order to structure and mainstream the dialogue with civil society. It will also make recommendations about how to encourage information sharing and public understanding of climate action; how to create real and virtual spaces for exchange on climate and how to build capacity to facilitate grassroots initiatives, among others.

Sektionens udtalelse: European Climate Pact (Exploratory opinion)

Igangværende (updated on 04/07/2020)

The national provisions governing seed harvested and controlled in those countries afford the same assurances as the provisions applicable to seed harvested and controlled within the European Union as regards the seed's characteristics and the arrangements for :

  • its examination;
  • ensuring seed identification;
  • marking;
  • control.

Ukraine has submitted a request that its cereal seed is covered by Council Decision 2003/17/EC as equivalent.

Sektionens udtalelse: Seed equivalence - Ukraine

Igangværende (updated on 04/07/2020)

This EESC opinion will respond to the European Commission's proposal for a regulation on establishing a European Climate Law and it will look into the role of citizens in driving the transformation towards climate neutrality.

Sektionens udtalelse: European Climate Law

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