Kindred Spirits

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Leaflet Kindred Spirits

This leaflet is part of a series of publications published in the context of the cultural events organized by the EESC.

This cultural event hosted at the EESC involves the partnership between two sections, the section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment (NAT) and the section for the Single Market Production and Consumption (INT), as well as the Sustainable Development Observatory, working with our Communication Department. 

The Kindred Spirits exhibition is the work of the Dutch photographer Suzanne Jongmans. Thirteen of her photographs will be displayed in Foyer 6 until the end of the month.
Her work explores the eternal relationship between past and present. She crafts intricate costumes using recycled plastics, old blankets and used packaging.

She finds inspiration in 16th and 17th century painters such as Jan van Eyck, Rembrandt and Holbein, and she adapts their paintings to send a key message: the importance of giving new life to old materials.

As coupeuse, sculptor and costume designer, Suzanne Jongmans draws on a range of disciplines in her work.
As photographer, she converts three-dimensional images into a flat surface. She uses packaging materials, such as foam and foam rubber, to make her clothes. In short, Jongmans’ discovery of the potential of foam led her to evolve new techniques in costume making; she sculpts her designs.

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Kindred Spirits