Gabriele Bischoff setting the scene for Panel III – How to communicate Sustainable Development Goals effectively

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The debate can be summarised in four key points:

  • The key challenge as regards these goals is to reach the ordinary citizen, not just the groups that are already familiar with these questions. This is also a barrier, as it is not something easy to achieve. Indeed, social media can be a useful tool in this framework but we have to take into consideration that it excludes a lot of people. So other means must also be discovered to reach out to the public.
  • The key drivers at the political, economic and social level must contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. Partnership as reflected in goal 17 is essential. For example, companies must be convinced to participate in the global effort and the partnership between government and NGOs will also be crucial. It is an interesting approach to put consumers (another key driver) and how we all consume in the focus. Consumption behavior in our societies shows that we have not found yet creative ways to touch particularly the young people. People must understand that there is a connection between what we do here, what kind of development policy or environmental policy we apply, and what is happening in the world.
  • The key idea that we must keep in mind throughout this process of reaching out to the public is that the creative industry can be an extremely useful partner. Indeed, the experience of previous campaigns shows that innovative ideas are needed (such as story-telling) to ensure that the message reaches ordinary citizens.

Finally, there are a few key messages that need to be reflected upon, following this debate:

  • Interconnection: the issues that are affecting one given part of the world do not stop at the borders but concern us all and we should all be involved in solving them. Therefore, this discussion should be about global goals, not simply the SDGs.

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Gabriele Bischoff: How to communicate Sustainable Development Goals effectively