EESC Employers' Group members confirmed in important posts for the first half of the 2020 – 2025 term-of-office

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The inaugural plenary session of the EESC's 2020–2025 term of office, held from 27 to 29 October, confirmed Employers' Group members in key positions for the first half of the 2020–2025 term. The members were elected for these positions in two waves of elections by the EESC Employers' Group at the beginning of 2020, as well as at the inaugural Employers' Group meeting on 27 October.

Following Employers' Group members were confirmed:

  • Ms Christa Schweng, President of the EESC
  • Ms Milena Angelova, Quaestor
  • Mr Dimitris Dimitriadis, REX section President
  • Mr Laurenţiu Plosceanu, SOC section President
  • Mr Pietro Francesco De Lotto, CCMI President
  • Mr Janusz Pietkiewicz, Vice-President of the ECO Section
  • Ms Dragica Martinović Džamonja, Vice-President of the INT Section
  • Mr Josep Puxeu Rocamora, Vice-President of the NAT Section
  • Mr Peter Clever, Vice-President of the REX Section
  • Mr René Blijlevens, Vice-President of the SOC Section
  • Mr Stefan Back, Vice-President of the TEN Section
  • Mr Lech Pilawski, President of the Labour Market Observatory
  • Mr Antonio García del Riego, Vice-President for the Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory
  • Mr Janusz Pietkiewicz, Vice-President of the Sustainable Development Observatory
  • Mr Stefan Back, President of the Transport temporary study group
  • Mr Alfredas Jonuška, President of the Inclusion of the Roma temporary study group
  • Ms Helena De Felipe Lehtonen, Vice-President of the Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law group
  • Mr Peter Clever, President of the EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee
  • Mr Laurenţiu Plosceanu, President of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee
  • Mr Josep Puxeu Rocamora, President of the EU-Latin America Follow-up Committee
  • Mr Georgi Stoev, President of the Members' IT Group
  • Mr Paul Soete, President for the Immigration and Integration temporary study group
  • Mr Decebal-Ștefăniță Pădure, President of the EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform
  • Ms Violeta Jelić, President for the EU-Morocco Joint Advisory Group