The role of social economy in a fair and sustainable recovery: input for the future Action Plan on social economy

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On 17 February 2021, the European Economic and Social Committee has organised a hearing in the framework of its exploratory opinion requested by the Portuguese presidency on  The role of social economy in the creation of jobs and in the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

2021 will be a crucial year for social economy with the adoption of the very first EU Action Plan on social economy. All European institutions are committed to supporting the social economy so it can grow stronger and increase its visibility especially in the light of the fight against the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Social economy has a key role to play in the recovery. The social partners' and civil society organisations' contribution to the debate is pivotal.

The hearing has focused on two main questions:

  • How to reinforce the role of social economy in a fair and sustainable recovery?
  • What are the main policy priorities to include in the future Action Plan on social economy?

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