Insularity and socio-economic development: The role of civil society in addressing the challenges that islands are facing

Insularity is considered to be a permanent and unchangeable geographical feature which involves additional costs (transport, energy, waste management, public services, necessity goods and services) that hamper the development and competitiveness of the islands, while particularly exposing them to biodiversity loss and climate change. In this context, the categories of challenges for the EU's islands may be considered to include economic challenges, connectivity and accessibility challenges, green and environmental challenges, social challenges, and governance challenges. These categories, although distinct, may have interrelated aspects.

The organised civil society has an important role to play and tackle all these challenges and through this debate. The aim is to find the best practices and solutions so that EU islands can preform better and recover from the multiple crises. Therfore the EESC ECO section has decided to organise on 27 June 2023 starting at 11:30 this public debate in the framework of the EESC own-intiative opinion on Main challenges that EU islands, mountain and sparsely populated areas face.

The debate is accessible via webstream. No registration is needed.

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