Information Seminar on the European citizens' initiative

Affiche du séminaire sur l'initiative citoyenne européenne

The European Economic and Social Committee and the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council wish to hold a joint information seminar on the European Citizens' Initiative. In the light of current societal developments and the growing involvement of citizens in the day-to-day political life of the state, especially in the context of the citizens' campaigns in France, it seems a good time to organise a specific event on this instrument of participatory democracy at EU level. Speakers will include members of the Committee and the Council, as well as representatives of the European Commission and organisers of ECIs launched in France. The aim of the seminar is to present the ECI, as well as the work done by the EESC in this field, and to exchange experiences of initiatives undertaken at national and European level to better understand and manage the impact of citizen-led campaigns on the actions and decisions of legislators.

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