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přijatá stanoviska on 15/05/2019

The objective of the opinion, requested by the Romanian Presidency, is to explore which measures and initiatives should be taken at EU and national level in order to promote organised philanthropy and eliminate barriers within the internal market that are hindering the realisation of its full potential, so as to maximize its contribution to EU values, such as cohesion, social justice and European Policies, and to the competitiveness of the European economy.
The opinion is expected to feed into the Romanian presidency programme and into the political priorities for the new Commission.

stanovisko EHSV: European Philanthropy: an untapped potential (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Romanian Presidency)


Dolní Vítkovice v Ostravě jsou bývalou průmyslovou oblastí, kde se dříve těžilo uhlí a vyráběla ocel. 11. října 2022 se zde na konferenci sešli zástupci akademické obce, místních organizací občanské společnosti, představitelé krajských i státních orgánů a členové Evropského hospodářského a sociálního výboru (EHSV). Konferenci na téma Hledání nové podoby Moravskoslezského kraje v zájmu zajištění sociálně spravedlivé transformace uspořádala jménem EHSV skupina Organizace občanské společnosti v rámci českého předsednictví Rady EU.


In order to bridge the skills gap, we must first identify precisely which skills are needed for the future. This remains difficult, due to the rapid pace of change we are seeing today. Adaptation of education systems, development of lifelong learning systems and close cooperation between employers, policy-makers and academics are some of the ways to help people adapt their skills to the demands of future labour markets. These were among the conclusions reached at the conference on Bridging the Skills Gap for Growth and Job Creation – the Business Perspective, which took place on 22 March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The EU is ready for a digital revolution and for reaping its benefits – this was one of the conclusions of the conference on the Advantages of a Digital Society, which took place on 25 October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. The participants discussed various aspects of e-society and the Digital Single Market. Cyber security, societal trust, the free flow of data, the further development of infrastructure and getting rid of barriers hindering the Digital Single Market were just a few of the issues raised.