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Press Release
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On 26 October, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) unveiled its plan for a comprehensive EU water strategy. The EESC is leading the way as the first European institution to take concrete steps to address the water crisis. Its proposals include: water consumption labels, a Blue Transition Fund, water conditionality in EU fund, and a dedicated EU Commissioner for water.
Read EESC President Oliver Röpke's Declaration for an EU Blue Deal.

Press Release
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Adopting a human rights approach to water management, boosting investments in infrastructure and technologies, introducing water consumption labels and price restructuring are among the key recommendations of the six EESC opinions on water adopted at its July plenary. They make up the first wave of EESC proposals for a comprehensive water policy for Europe under its Blue Deal initiative. On 26 October, the EESC will present its Call for an EU Blue Deal to the EU institutions and stakeholders.