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This leaflet is part of a series of publications published in the context of the cultural events organised by the EESC.

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The exhibition “Food for Thought” features a series of 23 oil-on-canvas paintings by the artist, Bruce Thurman. This exhibition takes the form of an “illustrated cookbook”, carrying viewers on a journey of exploration through the variety of recipes found across Europe. Its purpose is to showcase Europe’s rich and various food cultures, on the one hand, and to explore the diversity and similarity found in European food culture, on the other.

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This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organized by the EESC.

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Luca Jahier, EESC President

Europe, its institutions and civil society appear to be a laughably inadequate defence against this sea of troubles. We need to get a grip. The next, crucial stage is just around the corner: the European elections. We have to put forward a European project that galvanises people, one that even lets them dream.